Wedding Officiant/Minister

All Faiths – All Beliefs – All Couples

The wedding day is often stressful for couples. 

Brides, Grooms, Mothers, Fathers, Bridesmaids, and Groomsmen… John can help every single one of you! Give him a call today and learn more about how he can help you create the most memorable and special day possible! John will teach you your first dance AND be your wedding officiant.

John is an ordained interfaith minister, certified massage therapist, and spiritual counselor, which, when combined with his decades of dance experience, results in a well-rounded, all-inclusive unique experience for his students. John also pairs with students competing at all levels of Smooth and Rhythm in regional Pro-Am competitions. When he was ordained in 2015, he began offering couples guidance along with the service of marrying them. 

During the 40 years that John has taught dance, he has assisted thousands of couples to learn to dance for that all-important first dance on their wedding day.  He has seen every imaginable pairing, and has often developed close relationships with the couples over time.  He has often attended their weddings and has been asked to counsel individuals while they were in their lessons.

John believes that there is Peace in every moment and that we can access it any time we choose.  He exudes Peace and wellness and comforts you along the way. You are in good hands with John Ross.

Reach out today to see how John can help you!

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